Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Children are NOT Expensive

I had the wonderful opportunity to read an excellent article about parenting/grandparenting today - you will find it at this link  http://athoughtfullove.com/kids-arent-expensive-but-that-other-thing-sure-is/. Please read it and share it with every parent and grandparent you know. I love how it ends -
Our children, yours and mine, they need so very little and give so very much. They need compassion, security, respect, Faith and morals to guide them; they need our love. They need our eyes on them as they show their latest skill, our ears open to hear their latest story, our minds and hearts fully present when we sit with them to play, to read, to be. In the end… that is everything they need. What our children really need from us – it doesn’t cost a thing. 
This is the truth! When we give our children/grandchildren compassion, security, respect, faith, morals, love, our attention so we notice them and the things which matter to them - "our hearts fully present" when we are with them . . . these are the things which matter the most.

Our grandchildren - and children do not need the newest, most expensive and the most. They need our love and they need to know God loves them; if they truly have these, they are rich indeed!

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