Monday, January 27, 2020

Engage Your Grandchildren in Showing Love - Give Bunnies!

February 1st  is just five days away - the first day in the month of the year when we think about "love". It is the perfect month to involve our grandchildren in a project to show their love for others . . . by raising money to give bunnies to families in need around the world!

Bunnies, you ask? Yes! Bunnies! For just $20 you are able to give a pair of bunnies to a family in need. This pair of bunnies very quickly becomes more bunnies . . . and will not only be used to provide much needed nutrition, but may be sold and traded for things families need as well.

And since a pair of bunnies is only $20 through WorldVision at this link, it makes bunnies a very affordable project . . . grandchildren are able to work to see how many pairs of bunnies they earn! And, it is so easy to make this a fun project! Consider the following . . . 

  • Make paper hearts with two bunnies in the middle and post around your house for each pair of bunnies your grandchildren earn. It will be fun to see how many hearts/bunnies children are able to post during the month of February and give them a way to see how they are doing!
  • Make Bunny magnets which children sell to raise money for bunnies.
  • Make Bunny cookies which children sell to raise money for bunnies (sugar cookies cut into bunny shapes).
  • Make Bunny cakes which children sell to raise money for bunnies - either cut a round cake in half and place the sides together to make a bunny, or use one round cake and cut the other to make ears and a bow then decorate.
  • Make pictures of Bunnies for children to sell to raise money for bunnies!
These are just a few ideas - have your grandchildren think of more! The point is, at just $20 for a pair of bunnies, if they work all month, they will be able to raise money to buy bunnies and then will be able to help families through WorldVision's gift catalog. 

So . . . what might you do to help your grandchildren show love to families in need around the world during the month of February?

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