Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Grandmas with Heart January Book of the Month - Grandparenting with a Purpose

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how it is one of the primary goals for Grandmas with Heart to provide information, ideas and resources which will equip you to hand down the faith. We do this through the daily posts on this blog - it is our prayer the posts will provide solid material which will help you hand down the faith and encourage you as you do so.

We also do it by recommending books and resources which you are able to add to your own "tool box" and which will equip you to hand down the faith. To this end, each month we will recommend our "Book of the Month" to help you. While it may be difficult to go out and buy every book/resource we have recommended, if you commit in 2020 to just buy one book/resource a month, you will find at the end of the year you are well equipped to hand down the faith.

So, for the month of January, our Book of the Month is  Grandparenting with a Purpose by Lillian Penner. Today I want to share with you some of the things Cavin Harper, from the Christian Grandparenting Network, had to say about Lillian's book . . . 
Perhaps at no other time in our history has a call to prayer been as critical for he body of Christ as it is today. Lillian Penner understand this urgency of our day. She wrote this book to call each of us to our knees. She is serious about the power of prayer to keep the hearts and minds of our grandchildren from falling captive to the enemy's deception and lies. We are engaged in a spiritual battle which requires spiritual weapons. Prayer is the command center for our warfare. 
Lillian has written something God will use to change lives, including your own, and it is worthy of more than a cursory read. This is a dangerous book, because once you read it there will be no doubt about what you must do. If you truly believe God and His Word, if you are committed to making Christ preeminent in all your life and if you are willing to embrace the Father's heart for the "little ones", then by all means, read on. 
Please consider adding Grandparenting with a Purpose by Lillian Penner to your "tool box" of books which equip you to hand down the faith - you will be so glad you did.  

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