Thursday, January 16, 2020

Make a Difference & Put Feet to Their Faith . . . Care for Children in Your Community

Throughout communities across the United States there are children who eat at least one meal on school days at their school. According to the USDA in 2018 six million children lived in "food insecure" households. During this same time 29.7 million children received free or reduced-cost meals through the National School Lunch Program. Unfortunately, just 3.76 million of these children participated in the Summer Food Service program in the same year (Feeding America).

Feeding America says, "The problem of childhood hunger is not simply a moral issue. Child hunger hampers a young person's ability to learn and become more likely to suffer from poverty as an adult. Scientific evidence suggests hungry children are less likely to become productive citizens."

Chances are there are children in your community . . . possibly even in your family, who are hungry. Children who count on being able to eat once each day when they go to school, but who may go to bed hungry and who may be hungry on the weekends and during the summer. Consider getting involved and involving your grandchildren this summer to help provide meals for the children and families in need in your community. Contact Feeding America and see if they have a program in your area which provides food for evenings, weekends and summer or contact your church and/ir school to see if there is a program doing these things with which you could get involved.

Be a grandma (or grandpa/parent) who models their love for others by getting involved and helping to put feet to your grandchildren's faith - consider having them help serve hungry children and families in your community.

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