Sunday, January 26, 2020

Our Sacred Trust

Don't you just love how Lillian Penner describes handing faith to our grandchildren . . . a sacred trust, an opportunity to imprint a child's life with God's faithfulness. We have a sacred trust from God and if we are faithful to take this to heart and do as God has asked, we are able to imprint God's faithfulness on our grandchildren's lives. Is there anything on Earth we would ever want or want to do more?

So, as Lillian says; stand in the gap for our grandchildren by the way we live and with our prayers. Take on this sacred trust with our all; be faithful to hand down the faith and in so doing make a powerful difference in the lives of our grandchildren - and children, too. Use some wonderful tools developed by Lillian - prayer cards you may download and print out for free from the Christian Grandparenting Network at this link and her book which is available at this link.

You absolutely have a sacred trust and you are able to imprint God's faithfulness on your grandchildren's lives. It truly matters what you do - for generations.

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