Saturday, January 25, 2020

Remember the Blessings & Give Thanks

Throughout my life I have experienced incredible blessings from the hand of God - I grew up living down the street from my grandpa and grandma and since my parents had a summer house (where we also spent most weekends) I was blessed to live next door to my other grandparents all summer (and most weekends). I have wonderful memories of visiting my grandparents down the street where my grandma (who was a beautician) often fixed my hair and of playing Rook with my other grandparents most summer evenings. I remember seeing all of my grandparents read their Bibles, hearing them pray and going to church with them. I was most blessed.

My parents always took me and my siblings to church. I grew up hearing them pray, watching them read their Bibles and being encouraged to get involved at my church as a teen where I had excellent youth leaders. Blessed for sure.

One of God's most amazing blessings is my husband - he grew up in California and I grew up in Michigan - the way God brought us together is quite the story! My husband is the most faithful, amazing, gentle, godly, wonderful man; just seeing him every day reminds me how much God loves me and how blessed I am.

I am so blessed to be the mom to my daughter and son - they are two of the most thoughtful, caring and giving people I know. God blessed us by bringing a daughter-in-law into our family and went on to bless us with three amazing grandsons.

Over the years God brought me into contact with people who served in Children's Ministry, provided amazing opportunities for me to serve, write and learn. Looking back, while at the time the road ahead of me may have seemed full of twists and turns, I am now able to see a very straight road where God was clearly with me every step of the way.

I shared all of this with you for two reasons; first, I want to encourage you to take your eyes off the twists and turns in the road before you and look back for a minute. Remember and think about the road behind you and count your blessings. Look for how God directed in your life and thank Him for His presence and blessings.

Secondly, take time to tell your children and grandchildren the many ways God has blessed you, then encourage them to watch for and tell about the ways God blesses them. Tell and model what it looks like to remember the blessings and live a thankful life - this is handing down the faith and it will make a powerful impact on the lives of the ones you love and with whom you have been blessed.

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