Sunday, January 26, 2020

Tell About God's Mercy & the Light & Hope Jesus Brings

As you go through this week, take the message and encouragement of Luke 1:77,78 to heart - 
  1. Salvation is available through the forgiveness of our sins.
  2. We, you and I, are to tell others - definitely including our children and grandchildren, how to find this salvation through the forgiveness of their sins.
  3. God is a God of tender mercy.
  4. Jesus - the Morning Light of Heaven - is with us - He brings this light to our lives.
  5. Jesus gives us - and the ones we love - hope.
God's mercy is available for us and for the ones we love and we, you and I, are able to tell them about the light and hope Jesus is offering to them. If the ones you love have already accepted this mercy; this gift - rejoice and keep them in your prayers. It only takes a hurt, a confusing happening in their lives for them to be side-tracked and derailed from their faith. If there are ones you love who have not yet accepted this mercy and hope; pray and model what it looks like to live life in God's mercy and with Jesus' light and hope.

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