Saturday, January 18, 2020

Tell the "Whys" - New Discoveries Continue to Point to God's Creative Handiwork

Have you ever heard of an Immortal Jellyfish? I have not until yesterday when I was reviewing the 2020 VBS from Answers in Genesis (for decades I have reviewed VBS from most of the publishers each January on my Children's Ministry blog, so they send me their VBS kits each year for my reviews.) Each day of VBS, Answers in Genesis uses a different animal to help teach apologetics to children - and they do an excellent job of this.

Day Four of their VBS they introduce children to the Immortal Jellyfish. In their "Islander Assembly" book, they say; "Have you ever seen a jellyfish? How about a jellyfish which is only able the size of an adult's pinky fingernail? That's the Immortal Jellyfish, an intriguing creation from God. This amazing animal is called 'immortal', because it has the incredible ability to live forever if not attacked or diseased. When it becomes an adult, it reverts back to the infant stage - over and over again. It doesn't die of old age. Of course, this is an awesome reminder of how our souls are immortal and we will live with God forever someday if we admit, believe and forever receive the Lord." They go on in their closing assembly to share how the Immortal Jellyfish shows God's amazing creativity and how this creativity has allowed this tiny jellyfish to survive and thrive in waters all over the world. 

You will find out additional information about the Immortal Jellyfish at this link, but just think about the following information - and be sure to share it with your grandchildren/children . . .
  • The first Immortal Jellyfish people recorded, was found in the Mediterranean Sea in 1883. 
  • The first time people realized Immortal Jellyfish grew until they were old and then went through the process of transdifferentiation - where it's cells changed from one type of cell to another type of cell - was in the mid 1990's - over one hundred years later.
  • These tiny creatures show the delight and creativity God puts into His creation - and yet Genesis 1 tells us God was most pleased when He created people.
  • Only God is able to create something like the Immortal Jellyfish and create them so they will survive in an ocean filled with hungry fish, turtles, shark and other jellyfish - all who find the Immortal Jellyfish to be "tasty". Because they are able to "transdifferentiate" these tiny Jellyfish are still around today.
  • While the Immortal Jellyfish have existed for a very long time, we did not know they were there until the last one hundred and twenty or so years. This does not mean they have only existed for 120 years or so, it just shows us how there are so many things we do not know about this world in which we live.
  • Just like God knows everything about the Immortal Jellyfish, He knows everything about us.
Ask your grandchildren/children to try to guess how many hair are on their head - or the head of the person next to them (unless the person next to them is bald!) Read Matthew 10:30 and Psalms 139 then talk about how God knows everything about them. 

God's creation shows us His handiwork everywhere we look - it is there for us to see if we just open our eyes. Help your grandchildren and children develop eyes which see and hearts which are quick to praise God for His amazing creation. 

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