Friday, January 10, 2020

Trust God for Something Unexpected, Amazing, Beautiful and Surprising in Your Life

Last Winter, where I live, we experienced what they dubbed, "a polar vortex". Fancy, ominous term for a very, very, very cold turn in the weather. Trust me, it was absolutely cold!

One day as I was watching the local weather show, they showed what happened in this frigid weather out in the local apple orchards - Ice Apples! The ice covered the apples which were still hanging on the trees - then the remains of the apples dropped out the bottom leaving an incredible ice apple. Unexpected, amazing, beautiful and surprising!

These Ice Apples remind me of an important truth we need to take to heart and be certain to share with and teach to the ones we love - it is a huge part of handing down the faith; we are able to trust God in the easy times and in the cold, storms of life as well. While we may not understand, or like, the storms and difficult times in our lives, they often are able to show something unexpected, amazing, beautiful and surprising in our lives - they are able to be a wonderful blessing.

So, when you face storms - and you will - trust God. Model this to the ones you love, tell them about how they show something unexpected, amazing, beautiful and surprising in your life, so they are able to trust God and watch for these things in their own lives. It is absolutely part of handing down the faith.

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