Sunday, February 9, 2020

Accept the Challenge - Figure Out the Combination

It is my great joy to spend time with my grandsons and, joy of joys, it is also my challenge and job from God to do so! Think about it; God is a God of order and reason - there are reasons for everything He does. We see this in the world around us and it makes sense to believe He gave us the children and/or grandchildren we have for specific reasons as well. We are not their parents/ grandparents for no reason or just by chance. God created the children we love with specific plans for their good. He planned everything about them from the color of their hair and eyes to the way they love playing the saxophone, climbing rocks or telling funny jokes.They are each unique creations, designed by God and made exactly the way they need to be.

It is our job to get to know these children God has given to us. We need to know what makes them "tick", the things which bring them joy and the things which are challenging to them as well. The only way for us to get to know them, is for us to pay attention to them, spend time with them, talk with them, ask questions and listen when they talk with us. 

While it is easiest to do these things in person, with technology we are also able to figure them out if we do not live near and are able to see them in person often. So, whether we live near or far, accept the challenge, get to know the children God has given to you. Spend time studying, looking, listening and observing. Figure out the combination God chose to use to make them the unique people they are.

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