Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Ask God to Make a Show of His Great Love

There are many things we are able to do as grandmas which make a significant difference in the lives of our children and grandchildren, but one big one is for us to "bless" them. Now, if you did not grow up receiving Scripture blessings as a child, or if you have not been taught what it is to bless or how to do it, honestly it may be a a challenge to get in the "habit". I did not grow up with this and did not even know about it until a few years ago, so I find making this a part of what I always do with my grandsons is something challenging. However; it absolutely is something I want to be part of what I do with them. I understand the whys for it and so one of the things I want to do with them this year, is make giving a Scripture blessing a part of what happens at poppa and grandma's house.

I think for us, incorporating this blessing into our prayer at mealtime is the most likely best "fit". I will hang a blessing on my dining room wall where we will see and use it. For me, having something I am able to see is a great way for me to learn to do something, so it becomes a part of what I do. And, I think having the blessing on my wall makes it a great way to remind my family of God's great love for us as well - at mealtime and any time.

So, I am challenging you to do this as well; "bless" your grandchildren at your home. The Bible has many blessings in it which you may use with the ones you love. You may choose your own blessing to give from a favorite Bible verse or use this one from Psalm 86 . . . 

"Dear God, thank You for Your 
tender and kind love for us. Please strengthen us and let us see how You make a show of how much You love us! Thank You, Amen!"

This is the print I made with the blessing which I am going to hang in my dining room, where we are able to see it - and remember - to use as part of our mealtime blessings. You may use it if you like, as I am making this available for you as well. You will find it at this link - download and print it and then hang it where you will see it in your home and use it with your family over the coming week. Let's be intentional when it comes to "blessing" the ones we love.

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