Sunday, February 23, 2020

Be Someone Who Always Loves & Believes in Them

Our grandchildren (and grown children, too) need to know we love them. They need the confidence of no matter how often or badly they mess up, their grandparents will still love them and believe they are wonderful. When they are able to rest secure in this belief, it will make a significant difference in their lives.

Yes, they need to know we are not happy when they make an unwise choice, but they also need to know there is a difference between who they are and what they do and we will always love them - even if we do not like what they may have done. They need to experience grace from us, because when they do, when they are able to rest secure in our love for them, they will be better able to see and understand the grace and love God has for them which is infinitely bigger and steadfast.

So be quick to let your grandchildren experience what it is like to have someone in their lives who always loves, believes in and gives them grace, because as you do, you will be pointing them to the One who does this in the most faithful and dependable way of all.

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