Sunday, February 9, 2020

Because We Are Invested in the Welfare of the New Generations

As grandparents and parents who love our grandchildren and children and who are committed to handing down the faith to them, we are most certainly invested in their welfare. We know the generations who follow us are most able to have a joy-filled life when the know, love, walk and talk with God, so of all the things we may do with the time we have left, we know the best use and most fulfilling use of our time is when we invest in their lives and are purposeful about handing down the faith. This means we . . .
  • Pray for - and whenever possible with - them each day; and throughout each day.
  • Make time to spend with them - as much as is possible. 
  • Are purposeful about handing down a written record of how God has worked in our lives, the way He has answered prayer and how He has shown His faithful love and grace to us throughout the years.
  • Look for and plan opportunities to help them learn how they are able to believe in God and trust His Word with confidence.
  • Take every opportunity to help them learn to walk and talk with God for themselves - they must build a relationship with God which is their own.
Invest in the generations who follow you. They are a gift from God to you - make a difference. Do what matters.

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