Thursday, February 27, 2020

Delight Every Day in God's Lavish Gifts

It is far too easy for us to take for granted the many blessings God has given to us; His lavish gifts. We may even become so busy with our day-to-day life, we stop noticing the uniqueness of God's creation and the many blessings, big and small, which fill our lives. 

If we want our grandchildren and/or children to be people who see and appreciate God's lavish gifts in their lives, then we need to model this to them as we see, appreciate and delight in all God has given to us. Consider the following simple ways we are able to model what it is like to live each day as someone who sees God's unique creation and delights in His lavish gifts . . .
  1. Take time each day to thank God for something special in His creation. This is a great way to notice His unique creation, because as you do this each day, you will be more aware of the changes which come with the seasons and how they show our Amazing God.
  2. Take time each day to thank God for something unique about a member of your family - especially if they are present and able to hear the things for which you are thankful about them. If they are not, email, snail-mail, text or call and share these things with them.
  3. Take time to notice the blessings, God's lavish gifts - big and small - which He has given to you - your home, family, friends, job, ministry, church, the list goes on and on.
  4. Focus upon involving your grandchildren/children in thanking God for His unique creation and the unique people in your family along with your blessings. Consider keeping a "God's Great Deeds Jar" and fill it all year with the things for which you all are thankful.
These are just a few ways to be intentional about taking delight every day in God's lavish gifts and in creating a thankful heart in yourself which you model to your family . . . so they are able to do the same.

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