Monday, February 10, 2020

Elevated by Jesus' Words

I recently read an article in HomeFront Magazine by Gary Smalley. In it he told how one of his grandsons was feeling frustrated with his mom and said he didn't know how he was going to "live through" all the rules in his home. Gary went on to share how over the following year he helped his grandson build a foundation on Romans 5:3-5. They thought about, learned and meditated upon these verses and as a result, his grandson learned to take a different perspective, change his thinking and show it in his actions. (You will find the full article at this link.)

We all, ourselves, our children and our grandchildren, will experience times when we are frustrated and face challenging times, but when we know these times will help us develop perseverance, character and hope, we are able to bring a different "atmosphere" into our home, school, work, anywhere we are. Helping the ones we love learn to do this as well is a powerful way to show love to them, help them learn to make wise choices and hand down the faith.

Be a grandma (or grandpa/parent) who is elevated by Jesus' Words and help the ones you love learn to do the same.

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