Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Hold them in Our Hearts Forever

I personally love the "Memories" tab on my facebook page. Each morning I look to see the things which happened on this date which I posted on facebook in previous years. I love the photos of my family members, I love the stories about the things they said and/or did. For example, this morning when I read it, I was blessed to remember six years ago when my middle grandson was two. He was at my house and we went outside to get in my car to go pick up his brother from school. It was a windy day and he said; "Grandma!!!! The wind is going to blow me away!" I held his hand firmly and told him I would never let the wind blow him away. It brings joy to my heart to remember the many blessings and challenges as well - big and small which have been part of my life. My children (of course) and my grandchildren are growing, so these photos and accounts of when they were younger are a delight for me to see as I savor the memories.

As I posted yesterday, I live in the house my grandparents built. I used to come here to have sleepovers (and now my grandsons come here to have sleepovers at my house!) My grandma could grow anything (I did not inherit this skill from her.) There is a bay window in my living-room and my grandma used to fill it with the most beautiful African Violets. If I attempted to do this, the poor flowers would die. So, in place of the flowers I fill my window with photos of my children, grandchildren, parents, in-laws, husband - my dearly loved family. These photos are so full of wonderful memories and being able to see and remember them fills my heart with joy.

Photos are a wonderful way for us to remember and hold in our hearts the ones we love. Certainly while they were little, we held their hands and snuggled them in our laps as often as possible. I remember my grandsons running to greet me and the amazing hugs they gave; but they are growing up. While I still receive hugs, the days for holding their hands are past.

However; I will hold them, their parents, and their aunt in my heart forever. But, holding them in my heart is not a passive thing. This means I love them always, no matter what. This means I pray for them every day and whenever God brings them to mind. This means I will be faithful to hand down the faith. This means I am always happy to see them. This means I take every opportunity to show how much I love them in tangible ways - it may be as simple as fixing their favorite meal, but simple or not I am committed to showing this love. This means I thank God for blessing my life with each of them. Yes, I hold them in my heart forever and I am ever so thankful to do so.

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