Saturday, February 29, 2020

Hugs are Wonderful!

When my grandsons were younger, about seven, four and two, they loved to show their "rascally" side and tell me; "Hugs are weird!" To which I would say, "Hugs are not weird - hugs are wonderful!"

Whether your grandchildren think hugs are weird or wonderful, scientific research shows hugs actually make us live longer. Hugs boost our immune system and reduce stress. The article I read (which you will find at this link) said; "So why does hugging make you feel better? The affectionate squeeze triggers the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin into the blood stream, which, in addition to melting away stress, can lower blood pressure and even improve memory, according to researchers in Vienna (however, this is only when hugging people you know - these researchers found the positive effects are lost if both people do not know each other, or the desire to hug is not shared)."

I shared this information with my sweet rascally grandsons and they said; "Well, then we going to live a LONG time, grandma because you give us lots of hugs . . . and so will you!" They are rascally, but so very sweet, too! I am very blessed!

So, be generous with appropriate hugs; use them to communicate how much you love your family members and know as you do, you are helping them - and you live longer, with less stress and more joy!

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