Friday, February 28, 2020

Never Take Those Precious Moments for Granted

We all have moments in our life which stand out to us as some of the most precious moments of our lives - such as the birth of our children and grandchildren, the first time they smiled, walked, talked, when they ran to us and snuggled in our laps, their first day of school, and so many more. We know those moments were precious - gifts from the hand of God which we remember and treasure.

So, too are the moments when the children we love chose to trust and believe in Jesus; they are absolutely some of the most precious moments we will ever experience. And, when the children we love learn to talk with God and develop hearts which want to follow Jesus - are there any moments more precious? As we are faithful to hand down the faith there will be many more tremendously precious moments we treasure which we understand are gifts from the hand of God, and which we will not take for granted. 

Live as grandmas (and grandpas/parents) who watch for and see these precious moments in our lives, share them with the ones we love and model for them what it looks like to live life ever so thankful for these precious moments and as someone who certainly does not take them for granted.

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