Thursday, February 20, 2020

Tell Them the Truth

As grandmas (and grandpas/ parents) there are many important truths we want to share with the children we love. When we were children we heard these truths at school, and even from many television shows, but more and more often, if we do not share these truths with them, it is possible no one will. Not only is it possible no one will share truth with them, it is possible there may be people who tell them things which are not true. We want the children we love to hear and believe the truth, so we have to be intentional about teaching the truth and not leave it to chance.

One such area we need to be aware of, which was not even thinkable when we were children, is related to people, now days even children, who are "changing" their gender. Studies are showing more than half of people - especially children/teens - who "transition" at least attempt to commit suicide, so this is very serious. The children we love need to know the truth. On a scientific, genetic, physical, medical, emotional level, and every level imaginable, it is completely impossible for cosmetic surgery and chemicals/medicines to change a person's gender. This is the truth. Gender is determined at conception and is part of the physical, biological makeup of each of us. Hundreds of years from now, if a scientist looks at a person's skeleton who "transitioned", without anything else being known about the person, just by looking at the skeleton those scientists will know the person's actual, physical gender by looking at the bones and DNA - and it will not be the one to which they "transitioned".

So, with science and the medical facts being what they are, why do we think it is the right thing for anyone to tell a child/teen they are not who they actually are based on their genes, hormones, DNA, etc. and let them think they will be happier if they undergo horrible treatments to become something they will never truly be able to be? Why do we not tell them how amazing, wonderful, incredible, made without mistake they are as they are? Why do we not address the issues around why they feel like they are not "enough" as they are? Why don't we help them see how they are, "perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully meant to be" exactly as they are?

God knew what He was doing when He created the children we love and He did not make any mistakes. He has plans for their good - not their harm. Plans which will bring them hope and a future. These things are the truth and we must be intentional about communicating the truth to our grandchildren/children from their youngest ages - especially in the world in which they are growing up. We must be faithful to pray for their hearts and minds to be protected from people who will lie to them and harm them. We must not miss an opportunity to help the ones we love see themselves as God sees them - full of value, infinitely loved and wonderful as they are; as He created them.

Whether this is a question someone you love ever has about themselves or not, be intentional about teaching the truth - God loves them, He did not make any mistakes when He created them. They are people with value as they are and we are so thankful they are part of our family. Make sure they know they are, "perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully meant to be" exactly as they are.

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