Monday, February 17, 2020

The Most Important "Things"

As parents it may be easy to become so focused upon the day-in-day-out busyness of family, work and everything else in our lives, we are able to lose focus upon what matters the most. As grandparents it may be easy to become so focused upon retiring and how there are fewer days before us than there are behind us, we also lose focus upon what matters the most. When this happens we do not spend our time where it matters the most; we do not focus upon the ones who are the most important and our most important "job".

While it is important for us to be people who work and provide for the ones we love, we also have to connect deeply with them and hand down the faith. It is essential for us to keep our focus where it matters the most - on the ones who are the most important; the people God has given to us as our children, in-laws, grandchildren and possibly even great-grandchildren. It is no accident these people are in our lives - God is a God of order and purpose. He has given you the family you have for a reason. He also has purposed for you to hand down the faith, so when we keep our focus on the "things" which are most important - the people in our lives and our God-given purpose of handing down the faith, we will find our lives are filled with purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

So, hand down the faith. Communicate regularly how God knew what He was doing when He created the people in your family and put them in your family. Make sure they know how very important they are to you and to God and how they are able to know, love, walk and talk with Him. There is nothing which matters more.

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