Saturday, March 14, 2020

A Gift for You - A Prayer to Share

Last month I shared a printable Scripture blessing with you which you are able to download, print and hang on your wall to use as a blessing with the ones you love. (You will find it at this link if you did not get it and would like to do so.) I invited you to hang it where you will see it in your home and use it with your family to help you be intentional when it comes to "blessing" the ones you love. Today I am very happy to share with you another Scripture prayer/blessing which you are also able to download, print and hang on your wall to use with the ones you love.

Especially with Covid-19, it is a great time to remind ourselves and the ones we love of God's great love. And, if you, like me, have grandchildren who are unexpectedly getting a three week break from school, it is also a wonderful time to remind them they may ask God to help them show their patient and kind hearts as they do good to all others. During times of stress it may be easy to become "short" with others, a reminder to be patient and kind has the potential to be helpful.

If you would like to download this blessing, you will find it at this link. I have one all printed and am hanging it on the wall in my dining room; as my grandsons are here - especially on the days when their parents are at work over the coming three weeks while their school is closed - we will pray it at mealtime and be able to see it as a reminder.

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