Friday, March 27, 2020

God has a Word for Our (Grand)Children

"Overflowing mercy"; don't you just love the sound of this! Of course our children and grandchildren have great value to us; we love them with our all, but to know God also loves them with His all, well, what could be better?

Jesus said to let the children come to Him - and children have tender hearts. They are open to hearing about, learning about and believing in Jesus, so as grandparents - the second most influential people in the lives of the children we love - we have an essential and vital job . . . introducing them to Jesus and His, "overflowing mercy" for them!

As you take time today to pray for the children you love, pray for them to have tender hearts which are open to hearing about and believing in Jesus. If they have not yet believed in Jesus, ask Him to draw them to Him. If they have believed, but currently are not walking with God, ask Jesus to give them new, tender hearts and to draw them back to Him. 

God has "overflowing mercy" for the ones we love - pray for them and take every opportunity to tell them of God's great, "overflowing mercy". This is God's word for them - and aren't we ever so thankful!

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