Saturday, March 21, 2020

Joyfully Embrace the Unique Challenges & Opportunities

I remember when my grandsons were little - they loved to play "I'm under the table" (otherwise known as Hide and seek.) They loved to make up silly stories - always with monsters and super heroes . . . no butterfly and rainbow stories with these boys!

And, there were lots of sitting in grandma's lap with hugs and snuggles! 

Yes, I remember those days. But, now my grandsons are getting older - as all children do. They no longer like being called, "sweetie", "cutie", or any such thing. In just a year and a half my oldest grandson will be a teen . . . where did the years go? So, as they grow up, I am learning to adapt and find new ways to connect with them. I found a web site with some great ideas for connecting with older children - here are a few of my favorites - and added a few ideas of my own . . . 
  • Take a road trip together - a short one to somewhere nearby, or a longer one to somewhere they have never been.
  • Go on a photo hunt together - take photos of animals, birds, other creatures in a woods nearby, or anywhere you live. Identify the things you find and print some of your favorite shots.
  • Play games together - the old fashioned board/card games we played when we were young. Pop up popcorn, or get their favorite snacks and have fun together.
  • Have a movie marathon - share a favorite movie from when their parents were their age and let them pick a favorite as well. Again, popcorn is always a fun addition to your time together!
  • Find somewhere you are able to serve your community together and go serve.
  • Choose a Book of the Bible to read through together - they are able to read at home and you read at home. Keep track of your favorite verses, any verses they don't understand and anything you want to talk about, then talk about them when you get together - or make a phone call/facetime to connect.
  • Teach them to cook a favorite family recipe and then invite family and/or friends to come enjoy what they prepared.
These are just a few ideas . . . and some of them would have to wait until after COVID-19 restrictions are over, but find ways to connect with your grandchildren as they grow up. Do not let their age push you away - let it pull you closer!

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