Monday, March 16, 2020

Make it Worth Remembering

Don't you just love this quote from Fanny Crosby - "Live in the moment and make it so beautiful, it will be worth remembering." We need to live in - make the most from - each moment God gifts to us; especially when those moments are the times when we are handing down the faith.

Fanny Crosby knew a lot about making the most of the moments of her life. Her dad died when she was a baby, so she and her mom went to live with her grandma. Fanny was blind, but her grandma helped her learn to memorize Scripture - by the time she was 15 she had memorized the first five books of the Bible, most of Psalms, Proverbs and the Gospels - by the time she was 15! Since she was blind for her to memorize anything it meant someone, had to help her sentence by sentence, word by word - this "someone" was her grandma, Eunice Crosby. 

Fanny went on to be the first woman who ever addressed the Senate and House of Representatives (she taught the blind and spoke about the necessity for teaching blind children) and wrote thousands of hymns - which we still sing in our churches today. Fanny sold her songs, but gave the money to help the poor. She said she didn't write songs to make money, but it was her prayer a million people would be drawn to Jesus through her songs. Talk about living a life worth remembering!

Don't ever think you are unable to be live a life which makes a difference; a life worth remembering - Fanny did and so did her grandma - as without Eunice there likely would not have been a "someone" to teach Fanny God's Word! (I wrote about Fanny and Eunice in my book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith (It is available on Amazon, Kindle and in our Book Store.)

So, live in the moment and make it beautiful, it will be worth remembering!

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