Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Support the Ones You Love with Understanding, Comfort and Hopefulness

Here in Michigan where I live, schools are closed another week - four weeks in total until the middle of April - at this point. Life is very different for my grandchildren - not only are they no longer going to school, but as with so many other families, their mom is not going to work now either with the new stay at home order from our Governor. These types of changes are potentially frightening, so now is an excellent time for us to bring them understanding, comfort and hope.

Bringing them comfort means we are more patient with them. Children may react to such significant changes by acting out - be patient. Understand this absolutely the time for understanding. 

Bringing them comfort means we watch for signs of sadness and do what we are able to do to bring comfort. Encourage them with comforting truths from Scripture about how God never leaves us and He always loves us. Be sure they know you are praying for them. This is a great time to fix their favorite foods - if you are able to cook for them or perhaps send them a favorite treat. This is definitely the time for comfort.

Bringing them hope means we help them lift their view past now to the weeks and months ahead when things will get back to more of what they think of as "normal" life. Encourage them with any news from countries where they have made it through what we are now experiencing to give them a view of how this is not how things will be forever. Again, let them know you are praying for them and plan times to pray together - in person or through tech. This is most certainly a time for hope.

Giving understanding, comfort and hope is essential for now, and like Mr. Rogers said, it will equip the children we love so they are able to grow to be adults who one day are understanding, comfort-giving and hopeful people who are able to give these things to the children they love. Support them - it matters now and for generations yet unborn.

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