Friday, March 20, 2020

Teach the Children You Love to Show Love

It is very easy when we are self-isolating for us to think about the things we need to do to try and keep ourselves, and the ones we love, healthy. And, while this is important, it is also important for us to think about our neighbors, friends and family as well. It matters for us to show kindness and love to others, at all times, but even more so now - and for us to help our grandchildren/children learn to do the same. So, take time today to find a way for you to do this and involve the children you love, so they are able to do something to show kindness and love to others as well. Consider the following ideas . . . 
  1. Cut cardboard heart stencils, then go to your neighbors, friends, family, and leave flour hearts in their yards - just sprinkle flour over the hearts. When your neighbors, friends, family look outside and see hearts all over their yards, they will be encouraged! (And you are able to do this while maintaining distance."
  2. Make origami hearts, or use a heart paper punch and fill an envelope with hearts. Mail to or tape to the door of neighbors, friends, family to encourage them.
  3. Take photos of your grandchildren and email to great-grandparents to encourage them and remind them they are loved and not alone. (This is the option my grandsons chose to do - they thought the heart ideas were too "girly".)
These are just a few ideas, but find one your grandchildren/ children will do and involve them in thinking about and showing love to others. While we may be keeping our distance from others right now, it does not mean we are not able to show love and kindness. When we help our grandchildren/children learn to do this, the "ripples" of their kindness and love will grow wider as they impact others in ways they may never know.

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