Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Your Grandparenting Legacy

As Chuck Swindoll said; think carefully about your grandparenting legacy. It is more important than your reputation, any position you hold, your salary or what other people think of you. So, as we think about this, what does the word, "legacy" mean? According to dictionary (dot) com it means . . . 
Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor 
So, our "legacy" is anything we hand down to our children, grandchildren, and generations who follow. This means we are able to have a legacy which impacts following generations in a positive way or one which does not. It depends on what we do - on what we hand down. Do we hand down the example of someone who lived the Fruit of the Spirit, or the example of someone who was cranky, angry, and who did not show self control? Do we hand down a faith which is active, living and characterized by joy, or a passive faith which does not influence the way we live? Do we hand down what it looks like to live life trusting God - especially during this time of the COVID-19 restrictions, or do we live as people who are afraid, worried and overwhelmed?

What we do - the things we hand down to the generations who follow us, will be our legacy. We are able to leave a legacy which shows we are/were people who loved God and others with our all and who lived an active faith. Especially today as we all deal with the COVID-19 restrictions. Consider the following ideas to impact your legacy . . . 
  • Since we understand COVID-19 is going to be a significant part of the history of our country - and world, commit to leave a written account of how it impacted you, your family and community. Write about the ways God showed He was with you and the ways He provided for you. If you are one of the people who experience loss due to COVID-19, leave a record of what happened and how you made the choice to trust God.
  • Start a, "Trust Jar" and fill it with slips of paper with drawings or a few words of the ways you - and your family - were able to trust God. Put it in the middle of your table and encourage family members to fill it with ways they trusted God and how He was with them.
  • Connect with family who you do not see during this time (which is likely most if not all of them) on a regular basis - pick a day and time to connect and share prayer requests, pray together and tell how God is showing He is with you.
  • Make time for fun, too - connect with family through zoom, or facetime, or hangouts and share a weekly challenge . . . a fun dance-off, sing-off, art challenge or anything to add a touch of fun to your legacy . . . or a lot of fun!
These are just a few ways to be intentional about the legacy we will leave - and please believe, this legacy is one of the most  important things you will ever do. We all will leave a legacy - it is up to us what our legacy will look like.

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