Monday, April 20, 2020

Comfort Goes Both Ways

One of the wonderful things about comfort is it goes both directions. When we comfort someone, we experience a level of comfort as well. With the situation we, and the ones we love are living through right now with Covid-19, when we connect on-line or over the phone with our children and grandchildren, we experience comfort as we choose words to bring comfort to them. Certainly as we are able to talk and interact with them and see they are doing well, enjoy a joke they want to share or just see their faces and hear their voices, we are comforted. When they hear and see us, they are comforted.

As we all experience our "new normal", make it part of this "normal" where you are intentional about offering comfort by connecting often, praying together, asking for prayer requests, sharing answers to prayer, enjoy jokes, take time to laugh together, listen to their concerns, remind them how very much they are loved and so many more little and big ways you are able to offer comfort. When you do these things with the ones you love, you will find you are able to offer them comfort - and they are able to do the same for you.

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