Sunday, April 19, 2020

Discover the Unique Characters God has Made Your Grandchildren

My grandsons are definitely, "unique characters". My oldest grandson loves learning new languages - he is teaching himself German, Hawaiian, and Spanish during this time when he is not able to go to school. My middle grandson is an amazing climber - he is able to climb practically anything! My youngest grandson has a "slap-stick" sense of humor - I love listening to him read the Garfield book we gave him - he laughs and laughs as he reads!

I love this quote from Cornelius Plantinga (he is the Dean of Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI). Our children and grandchildren most truly are gifts from God and as they years go by we are able to see more and more of how they are the unique characters He created them to be. I find it so enjoyable to watch as they grow and become the people God made them to be.

Share with the children you love the unique things about them which make them the amazing people they are. Share with them how God knew what He was doing when He created them to be the boys or girls they are, and He did not make any mistakes. Be certain they know they are made in the image of God with infinite value, dignity and worth (as Josh McDowell says). Make it a priority for you to teach them how God has plans for them; plans which are for their good, not for their harm - plans which will give them hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

Oh yes, our children and grandchildren absolutely are gifts from the hand of God and it is one of our greatest blessings in life for us to be able to discover the unique characters God has made them to be. We have ever so much for which to be thankful!

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