Thursday, April 30, 2020

Encourage Your Grandchildren With - It Makes My Heart So Happy to Be Able to Spend Time With You

For many of us, the children we love have been staying away from us for the past month and a half. If they were used to seeing you and spending time with you, they are likely experiencing feelings of sadness and are missing you. If you are a grandparent who has not been able to see your grandchildren lately, take this opportunity to encourage your grandchildren in simple, but meaningful ways by the things you say to them. Right now, before you do anything else . . . well, maybe after you finish reading this post . . . on a post-it-note, write down three things you want to be certain to communicate to your grandchildren over the coming weeks. Put the post-it-note inside your Bible, where you will see it and remember.

Over the coming weeks, as you spend time with your grandchildren, be sure you communicate these three things to them - in as many ways as you are able. For example . . .

  • Since you will be seeing them again at some point, tell them; "It makes my heart so happy to be able to spend time with you (or to connect with you through tech.)"
  • You are able to repeat this with simple variations, such as; "I am so happy to be here (connect) with you today!
  • Or, consider saying; "It just makes my day to be with you (or see you) today!"
  • One more idea would be; "My favorite thing about today, is I have been able to spend it (connect) with you!"
Encourage your grandchildren by being purposeful with the messages you give them in the coming weeks - hearing these types of things from you will impact them profoundly and powerfully, and they will remember.

And, if your grandchildren live far and/or you will not be spending time with them in person, be purposeful about connecting with them over the phone, on-line or even through snail mail and tell them the same type of things.

Be a grandma or grandpa who makes a lasting and loving impact on the children God has given to you, by being purposeful about the things you say to them - it matters.

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