Sunday, April 19, 2020

Love Your Baby's Baby - It Is Important

Debbie Guinn was the Editor of HomeFront Magazine and is one of our Grandmas with Heart; don't you just love this quote from her! I definitely do.

We grandmas - and grandpas, too - have lived a few years and we have learned what is important in life; this helps us know how to love deeply. And, yes, one of the ways we show this deep love begins with loving our baby's baby. 

In my case this is about loving the sons of my son and I love them with my all - my son, daughter-in-law and daughter, too. These people, these gifts from the hand of God; they are people I treasure. I know while there are many things I am able to do with the time I have, showing love in tangible ways to the people God has gifted to me is what is truly important. They most certainly matter and I do love them with my all.

Take time today to communicate and show your love for your baby's baby/babies; it is important and is where handing down the faith begins.

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