Monday, April 13, 2020

People Who Laugh, Last

It is true those who laugh, last. Laughter is good for us and is a contributing factor to our quality of life. No matter our age we are able to be people who are quick to laugh and who, more importantly, show a spirit of joy in all we do and say.

With this extended "social isolating" and call for all of us to stay home, our grandchildren may be experiencing stress - the stress of the loss of what was their normal schedule/life with going to school, the stress of not being able to hang out with their friends, the stress of not being able to connect with friends at church, the stress of being in the same house with the same people 24/7. If ever they needed to be encouraged to laugh, now is the time, so consider sharing some of the following funny facts and jokes with them to brighten their day . . . 
  • Bigfoot hunters, beware. Skamania County, Washington, passed a law in 1969 deeming the "slaying of Bigfoot to be a felony and punishable by five years in prison." The law was later amended, designating Bigfoot as an endangered species. 
  • Kansans don't mess around with their cherry pie. At one point, it was illegal in the state to top a slice of cherry pie with a scoop of ice cream. According to the Kansas Secretary of State, it's unclear how this law originated or whether it's still technically on the books, but - fortunately for dessert lovers - it's not enforced.
  • Don't bother trying to keep your fingers clean if you're devouring fried chicken in Georgia. According to a Gainesville proclamation passed in 1961 designed to promote Gainesville as a poultry center, it's illegal to eat fried chicken with a fork. In 2009, a woman was arrested as a practical joke for violating the law, but was later pardoned. 
  • In Alabama it is illegal to drive with your eyes closed - sounds like word didn't make it to everyone in the Yellowhammer State about the common phrase "Keep your eyes on the road." Our eyes are wide open after hearing this one! 
  • In Arizona in the 1920's, a local dam broke, flooding a rancher's home. The rancher's donkey had become accustomed to sleeping in the bathtub, which filled with water and whisked him miles away. After working to rescue the animal, the town passed a law which said it is illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub - it is still in place today.
If you have grandchildren who enjoy a funny joke, try these . . . 
  • Where do polar bears keep their money?In a snow bank!
  • Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Cargo who?
    Car go, “Toot toot, vroom, vroom!”
  • What did one eye say to the other eye?
    Between us, something smells!
  • You will find more at this link.
Now, I understand for many families - maybe your family - the last month, and the months ahead have been and continue to be frightening. Someone you love may be ill - they may have died. You may not know where you will find food or when you will be able to return to work. These things leave adults concerned and are frightening to children. I don't want to be insensitive to these real and serious concerns. But, being able to laugh about appropriate things - like a silly law or funny joke - is a positive thing. Share some laughs with the ones you love while you also share prayer requests and prayer time together, because people who laugh (and pray), last. 

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