Sunday, April 12, 2020

Prayer for Our Grandchildren to Understand, Celebrate & Worship Jesus

Heavenly Father,
We pray our grandchildren comprehend the true meaning of Good Friday. Let them understand that Jesus, in perfect obedience, offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins.
We pray our grandchildren comprehend the true meaning of Easter. Let them grasp the significance of the empty tomb, understanding that Jesus conquered death and now reigns at Your right hand.
We pray our grandchildren celebrate Easter and the divine work of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and ascension—despite this year’s absence of egg hunts and colorful spring fashions.
As a result of their spiritual understanding, let them worship Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, today and forevermore.
In Christ’s Name, we pray.
©2020, Sherry Schumann
Author's Note: Please join us on Wednesday, April 15, for a Global Day of Fasting and Prayer. For more information, please email me (

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