Sunday, April 26, 2020

Tell the "Whys" - Every Part of God's Creation has a Purpose (Platypus)

With the stay at home rules in effect and since our grandchildren are finishing out this school year at home, consider sharing with them some fun facts about an often favorite animal - the Platypus. When my grandsons were little, they were fans of the Platypus - mostly because they liked "Perry the Platypus" from "Phineas and Ferb". But today I want to share with you how the Platypus is another wonderful example of why we are able to believe God is real and the Bible is true!

I found some excellent information about Platypus on the Answers in Genesis web site and will share some with you - you will find the rest at this link. When the first Platypus were discovered by Europeans in the late 18th Century, people did not know what to make of it. At first they thought it had to be a hoax. As they say on the Answers website; "Early studies labeled the platypus as primitive until discovery of the intricate design of electroreception, which enables the platypus to sense electrical currents from the muscle contractions of the animals it hunts. If the platypus evolved, we would expect to find transitional forms in the fossil record. Yet platypus fossils, which have been found as far as South America, vary little from their modern counterparts. The only difference is today’s platypus has degenerated from the early, more robust platypus. Recent evidence shows platypuses lived at the same time as dinosaurs, a finding which fits perfectly with the creation account."

I love how while the Platypus looks like a creature God must have "thrown together" with "left-over part" from other animals, each and every part of the Platypus has a purpose. For example, 

  • A Platypus has claws which are necessary for burrowing.
  • A Platypus has webbed feet which are necessary for swimming.
  • A Platypus has a flat tail which is necessary for it to dive deep to the bottom of the lakes and rivers where it lives to find food.
  • A Platypus has a lot of fur - "Fine fur, made up of 900 hairs covering each square millimetre of skin has two layers—a woolly undercoat and shiny longer hair—that keep most of the platypus’s body dry when diving."
  • A Platypus has folds of skin which cover their eyes and ears when they swim to keep water out.
  • A Platypus has an unique bill with "highly developed electro-receptors" which are necessary for it to find food at the bottom of murky lakes - even under rocks.
Platypus are highly complex creatures, uniquely designed to live where they do and to survive due to the special parts with which God created them - each part has a necessary and specific purpose.

The same is true for us. We are each unique, complex and designed by God to have necessary and specific purposes. When we look at creation - our own and creation of animals such as the Platypus, we are able to see we and they could not have just happened. We are specifically and purposefully designed - not evolved by chance. We have a purpose - and are reminded of this truth when we see the care and design God put into His creation of the Platypus.

You might involve your grandchildren in making a fun origami Platypus of their own - you just need paper . . . follow this link to see how to do this. As you lead them in making their Platypus, talk about the things you learned about these amazing creatures and how they help us with the "whys" for believing in God, His Word, and the truth of how He has a plan and purpose for them. Encourage them to put their Platypus where they will see it and remember these truths.

When we see intention, design and purpose in creation, we are able to see God is real and are able to trust His Word, the Bible is true!

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