Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tell the "Whys" - Every Part of God's Creation Has a Purpose (Frogs)

With the children we love finishing up this school year at home, consider arranging a time to share this information with them. Not only is it an opportunity to learn cool things about frogs, but it is also an opportunity to hand down the faith. 

When I was a child my parents had a house on a lake where we lived all summer (and most weekends). It was at this house where I learned how to catch frogs. I thought frogs were very cool animals, but had no idea how amazing a frog actually is, and how it shows us so much about God. Lets take time today to learn about how a frog shows us something we need to know about God.

We know frogs come in a variety of sizes from tiny to quite large. We know frogs come in a variety of colors - and the more colorful the more we should stay away as the colorful frogs have a poison on them. We know frogs jump and we know they swim. We also know frogs catch bugs and other small critters for their lunch by taking their long tongue, and quick as a wink, they "shoot" it towards their lunch, catch it and eat it. It is this way frogs catch and eat their food which I am writing about today.

We know about the super-fast frog tongue, and it is an important part of the way frogs catch and eat their food, but not the only important part. There are two additional important parts of how frogs eat - their tongue is soft and stretchy, like a marshmallow and the other important thing is the frog spit - yes, the frog spit! Without this spit - which is sticky - bugs would be much more difficult for frogs to get into their mouths. As they say on the Answers in Genesis website; "As the frog’s tongue leaves its mouth, the saliva is very viscous (thick like honey) and sticky. When the tongue splats onto the intended target, the saliva changes to a thinner liquid, allowing it to flow over a textured surface. The tongue then retracts into the frog’s mouth, and the saliva thickens again, securely holding the prey despite 'during the tongue jerk, acceleration can surge to 12 times the pull of Earth’s gravity.' This combination of the unique nature of the spit and the 'soft stretchiness of the tongue, a natural bungee cord which retracts without too much of a jolt,' they ensure the frog gets lunch."

You will be able to learn more about these things at the following link - and see a cool super-slow-motion video of a frog's tongue and spit at work . . . your grandchildren will love this video.

God created frogs to be exactly as they are. They did not evolve to use their tongues to catch food; God gave them a very soft tongue and the ability to "shoot" it at their dinner in a blink of an eye along with the unique, sticky, changing spit they need to catch food. He also gave them the unique eyes they have to help them be able to eat the critters they catch before they get away. (Check the link above for more info on this.) 

The frog shows us our Creator God who created frogs with the tongues, eyes and even the spit they have, all for a purpose; not by accident. The frog shows us our God is real, and which lets us know we are able to trust His Word with confidence. If God created these specific and essential details for frogs, we are able to know and believe He created us, and the ones we love, with the details which matter for us as well. He created us with purpose.

If you would like to try a couple fun projects with your grandchildren to help them think about how God created frogs with their unique, soft, super-sticky tongues, then arrange for them to have the following supplies and connect with tech to try this activity together. You will need . . .
  • Large marshmallows
  • Honey
  • Cookie sprinkles of various sizes
Connect with your grandchildren and have them each take a large marshmallow. Encourage them to examine their marshmallow for a moment; ask what they observed . . . the marshmallow is soft, able to be stretched, and of course it is tasty! Give them time to examine the honey, then again ask what they observed . . . it is sticky, and tasty.

Let them sprinkle some cookie sprinkles on a plate and then dip a marshmallow in honey. Tell your grandchildren to use their marshmallow with honey to pick up sprinkles . . . of course, if they would like to do so, they may eat their sprinkled, honey-dipped marshmallows!

After they do this, talk about how the honey made it possible for the sprinkles to stick to the marshmallow. Talk about the frog, its marshmallow-soft, honey-sticky tongue and how it is able to eat because God created them with this unique tongue. The soft tongue is necessary, but without the sticky spit, which becomes more watery as needed, the frogs would not get enough to eat. God knew what a frog needed to be able to survive and He created them with what they needed from the start. Frogs did not have to figure out what they needed to be able to catch food and then try to "develop" those things.

God knows what we need as well. He created and designed us to be able to live, and He created and designed each of us to be unique people who have a purpose. Comment on some of the unique, wonderful things about each of your grandchildren and encourage them to continue to learn and discover the purpose God has for them.

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