Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Watch Your "Flowers" Grow

Whether you have a "single flower" or "dozens" in your "bouquet", be sure to water them generously with love and you will be able to watch them grow. 

I am still waiting for my yard to be covered by yellow flowers (dandelions). I know, many people consider them to be annoying weeds, but to me they are a lovely flower which grows and waits for children to pick them to their heart's content. No one tells children not to pick the dandelions! 

I want my grandchildren to grow like dandelions. I want them to flourish and bloom brightly. While many things and people in their lives have the potential to harm them, the love we shower upon them is able to help them grow. Our love will help our grandchildren grow in confidence, the way they treat others, and as they learn new things; but the most important way for them to grow is as they grow in their own walk with God. Share your love for God, His great love for them, hand down faithfulness, and cover them generously in prayer, so your grandchildren will grow in the most important way . . . closer to God.

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