Wednesday, April 15, 2020

We Have a Great Responsibility

While we are not able to share with our grandchildren what we did when we were their age and the schools were closed, we were unable to see our friends for months, people had to stay in their homes and our parents lost their jobs all due to a virus, we are able to offer them patience, understanding and share with them how we have had to deal with difficult situations throughout our lives. The exact things our grandchildren are experiencing are not exact things we have experienced, but we are able to understand this is a difficult time and share with them - if we know it - how their ancestors experienced the swine flu pandemic, or the challenges which came with World War 1 or 2, how their family fared in the Great Depression or how 911 impacted our lives. We are able to share with them what happened when we faced a health or work crisis; we are able to share with them how God has always been faithful to their family.

All these things are part of our family history; part of our Spiritual DNA and if ever there is a time to be sure our grandchildren know about these things, it is now. Don't dismiss or downplay how they feel, as their feelings are real, but try to encourage them by sharing your family's Spiritual History, and tell them how God has shown His faithfulness to generations before them.

I write about developing a strong Spiritual DNA as grandparents in my book The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith - it is our April Book of the month. It is available for just $5 as a digital download at this link and the print copy is available on Amazon at this link (with Mother's Day coming up, this book would make an excellent gift for a mother you know.) 

The Bible is full of true accounts of how God showed His faithfulness to real people - just like us. Throughout history God has shown His faithfulness to real people - just like us. We know people today who have powerful testimonies of how God has shown and continues to show His faithfulness to them. In The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith I write about these things. 

Our own lives - and the lives of those who came before us - show us the ways God shows His faithfulness to us. Be a grandma (or grandpa/parent) with a strong Spiritual DNA and be sure you tell the grandchildren/children you love, so they are able to know what it looks like when God shows His faithfulness to them. This is our great responsibility.

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