Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Gift & Blessing from God

You do not have the children and grandchildren you have in your life by mistake. They are gifts, specifically chosen for you by God. He chose them and put them in your family to bless you, so, take time today to thank God for the incredible gifts with which He has blessed you - the gifts of your children/ grandchildren.

If your children and/or grandchildren are walking with God - thank Him as this is also a tremendous gift. If any are not, thank God for putting them in your life and live your life showing how God blesses your life and how walking with Him fills you with joy. In 1 Peter 3 we read how a wife is able to live in such a way as to be part of what Jesus uses to draw an unbelieving husband to Him. This is true for grandparents/parents, too. We are able to live in such a way as to be part of what Jesus uses to draw the ones we love to Him.

Be a thankful receiver - thank God for the children/grandchildren He has gifted to you and in so doing has blessed your life. Commit to be the person who is faithful to thank, pray, and live for the children/grandchildren God has given to you. They are a blessing and a gift from God for sure.

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