Monday, May 11, 2020

God is with Us

Over the years I have had friends tell me in tears as their grandchildren grow older they change from being children who loved going to church to preteens who tell them they are "just not into that church thing any more." Today I want to share this verse to encourage all of us, but especially grandparents whose hearts break as their grandchildren grow away from a walk with God.

If you have prayed for and handed down the faith, and still end up hearing the children you love with all your heart say these things, please take heart. God has promised to be there, with you, in your grief to help you as you go through this time you never wanted to experience. It is easy for someone else to tell you not to be afraid or discouraged, but God says to be strong and brave, because He is with you.

Don't give up. Keep them in your prayers. Be a strong and faithful prayer warrior. It matters - and so do you.

And for every grandparent - if your grandchildren are currently growing into a walk with God, be thankful - very thankful. Do not think your job is over. All it takes is a friend to influence them away from their walk, or being hurt or a difficult time in life, and then the child you love will head down a road you never imagined for them. Keep them in your prayers. Be a strong and faithful prayer warrior - it matters and so do you.

Trust God to be with you - and with the children you love, wherever we go.

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