Wednesday, May 13, 2020

God Loves You "More", Never "Less"

Aren't you so very thankful to know there is nothing we will ever do to make God love us less and He already loves us, "more"! As a mom and grandma I understand this; at least in a small way. I love my children and grandchildren "more". There is nothing they will do to make me love them "more" as I already do. There is also nothing they will do to make me love them less as I already love them "more".

If we as parents and grandparents are able to love "more" and will not love "less", it only makes sense for us to know this is true for God; but on a far larger scale. God's love is perfect, faithful, and unending for us and for the ones we love.

So today, please be encouraged. No matter what you are facing, know God loves you, and the ones you love, "more" and will never love you "less". 

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