Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hand Down the Faith

Did you know studies show most children go to church every other week? This means out of 336 hours (the number of hours in two weeks) children are at church for just one to three hours (depending on if they also go to the mid-week Children's Ministry - read the book, The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children for more info on this.)

Even in a best case scenario where a child is at church every time the doors are open, they are only there for six out of 336 hours. How is a Children's Ministry possibly able to hand down faith if a child is only at church for one to three hours out of 336? Which also leaves us with the question; "Is it the 'job' of the Children's Ministry to hand down the faith?" And, "If it is not the Children's Ministry's 'job', then whose job is it?"

God gives us the answer! It is not the "job" of the church. It is the job of grandparents and parents - look in Deuteronomy 4 and 6. God doesn't want faith to be something children get from just a few hours every couple weeks. No! His plan is for faith to be something which is part of every moment of our day-in-day-out lives. Clearly this is not something the Children's Ministry/church are able to do. This is the "job" - and great joy - of the grandparents and parents!

When we hand down the faith to the children we love, we are able to make a difference, because we are able to show how faith connects to all parts of our lives. For example, when we talk at the table or in the car about how God answers prayer, how He is working in our lives and the things for which we are thankful, we are showing our grandchildren how faith is something which is part of all of our lives - not just something we talk about or think about in a church. When we read God's Word with our grandchildren, we are showing them how the Bible is part of our everyday lives - not just something we take to church with us and then do not open the rest of the week. When we help them learn to talk with God themselves, they learn God really does hear, listen to, and answer their prayers! (Check out the book Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children at this 
link and share it with the children you love ages four through fourteen to help them learn to pray!)

When we hand down the faith we are showing our grandchildren how our faith is part of what we do and think each and every day - not just one hour out of every 336 hours. When we live our every day life as someone to whom their faith matters, as someone who lives what they believe, we are showing our grandchildren something very important. We are showing them how their faith is able to be part of their every day lives, too.

So, if you are wondering if what you do to hand down the faith makes a real difference, take heart, because the truth is it does!

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  1. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! My grandparents taught me about God (thank you, Jesus) from a very young age, and we always prayed, held Bible studies at home, as well as discussed our faith on a daily basis. We went to Sunday School/Sunday service every Sunday, Bible Study every Wednesday, and once I started singing in the choir, I attended choir rehearsal every Thursday. Having grandparents who constantly instilled Christian values in me helped me to develop the strong relationship that I have with Jesus Christ today. I thank God that I had grandparents who loved Jesus, and loved me enough to teach me about him. So many parents today don't have the patience or dedication to teach their children about God (many of them don't know about God themselves). We must pray for a revival of God's people. Great read! God bless you!


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