Wednesday, May 27, 2020

How Will We Be Remembered?

I like this quote; it is an excellent reminder of how we are remembered for the things we say and do each day of our lives. So, live today, knowing you are going to be remembered, with an eye towards how you will be remembered.

My faith matters to me. I want to show it matters by the things I do and say; today and every day. My family matters to me. I want to show this as well by the things I do and say; today and every day. 

The truth is we should always behave each and every day as if we will be remembered - because the truth is, we will. When I think about how I want my family, my grandsons and others to remember me, I want it to be as . . . 

  • Someone who truly believed God is real and the Bible is able to be trusted with confidence.
  • Someone who believed God loves her and who loves God as well.
  • Someone who loved them with her all; and who showed it by the things she said and did.
  • Someone who treasured time with them - they could see this because my tech was put away when they were at my house, so they had my attention.
  • Someone who made time for them and who always welcomed them to my home.
  • Someone who prayed for them.
  • Someone who showed the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • Someone who showed joy - in my smile, attitude, and the twinkle in my eye!
These are the main things I want my family to remember when they think about me, so today - and for each day of the rest of my life, I will live in a way to show these things. I will also teach my grandsons what it is like to do the same, so they will live each day aware of how they will be remembered.

Will you be remembered as the grandma who was always so very happy to see your grandchildren? Will you be remembered as the grandma who always took time to read a book, snuggle and just listen to whatever your grandchildren wanted to tell you? Will you be remembered as the grandma who put away her tech, so she was able to give her full attention to her grandchildren? 

Most importantly, will you be remembered as the grandma who told her grandchildren how very much God loves them and how they are able to love Him back?

You will be remembered . . . how will you be remembered? (And this is all true for grandpas, and parents too!)

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