Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Know What Matters the Most

Einstein was a very intelligent man, but while he agreed creation shows design and therefore there had to be a "Designer", sadly he did not believe this "Designer" wanted to know people. He did not believe it was possible to know this "Designer" in a personal way. Einstein knew many things, but he did not know the most important thing - knowing God personally.

When I look at creation I see God all over, everywhere I look. I completely agree. There absolutely has to be a Designer. But, I believe with all my heart not only are we able to know this Designer, but He, God wants to know us as well. I believe God designed creation to call us to Him. The more I learn about this world and all the amazing things in it, the more I want to know; the more I want to know Him. For example; God did not have to create the Okapi, but He did! It is one of my favorite animals. Did He create the Okapi to brighten my day? Well, He certainly knew I would find it amazing!

Creation not only shows God as the Designer, but it shows us God as the One who wants to know us and wants us to know Him. When we talk with God through prayer, we are able to know Him. The more we talk with Him, the more we will know and love Him.

Share with your grandchildren about our amazing Designer; God. Tell them how creation shows Him, His love for us, and how through prayer they are able to know and love Him back. When they know the purpose of prayer, they know what matters the most.

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