Monday, May 25, 2020

Our Homes = Safe Places

A grandma's home (and a grandpa's home as well) must be a safe place for the grandchildren. It must be a safe place for them physically, emotionally, and mentally. It must also be a safe place spiritually.

When our grandchildren are young they often are very open to faith and respond with enthusiasm. But as they grow, while this openness and enthusiasm may continue and grow, there are no guarantees. As they are exposed to teachers, friends and even family who do not believe, they may have questions about faith, God, and the Bible. It is especially in these times when we must have our home as a safe place for them to ask questions without guilt, fear, or judgement.

My grandson asked a question about God the other day and I told him it was a great question and I was so glad he asked me his question. I told him God loves it when we have questions and ask them. Throughout the Bible there are people who had questions and in none of those cases do we read of God sending lightening to "zap" the one asking the questions. I told him throughout time people have asked questions and none of them were "zapped" either. I said I have not been "zapped" for asking questions and happily no lightening showed up when he asked his question. He laughed and we talked some more.

Make certain your house is a safe place for your grandchildren to to ask their questions because they know you are a safe person with whom they are able to share their questions. If you are not "safe", they will not ask, and we absolutely want them to ask their questions, so we are able to share the answers - or if we do not know the answers, we are able to tell them we will find the answers and then share the answers with them. Unanswered questions tear down faith, but answers are able to build faith with strength, so don't fear those questions - look forward to them!

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