Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Our Secure Fortress & Their Refuge

The past few months have brought new things for all of us - social distancing, home school, job loss, health concerns, questions about the future and what it will look like, to mention a few. Our grandchildren have been cut off from friends, school, family - possibly even from us.

With States opening back up and parents returning to jobs, our grandchildren are completing this school year at home, but still do not know what to expect for the summer - will they be able to spend time with friends, return to church - and are waiting to hear what school will look like in the Fall. So many things continue to be - or at least feel - uncertain.

When we are able to model what it looks like to trust God and rest in Him as our secure Fortress, whether we do so from up close or from a distance, our grandchildren - and grown children - will be able to see what it looks like to find their refuge in God as well. 

We all will move through the coming days, weeks, months, and possibly years with covid-19, and while there are many things which we will look back upon with sadness, we are also able to look at this time with eyes which see the blessings. Perhaps covid-19 caused us to take a much needed break and gave us an unexpected time of rest which we needed. Perhaps it caused us to take our prayer time more seriously and we have become people who better understand what it means to talk with God. Perhaps it opened our eyes to how our family members are some of God's greatest blessings and we came to value our time with them even more. Perhaps covid-19 helped us become people who truly live each day trusting God for provision, peace, and everything in our daily lives - and the lives of those we love.

Regardless of how this period of time in 2020 has impacted our lives, if we have made the choice to turn to God, trust Him, and make Him our secure Fortress, then along with growing closer to Him ourselves, we will have set an example for our children and grandchildren so they know how to make Him their Refuge as well.

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