Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Point & Live

As grandparents we are not able to tell our grandchildren they are going to church - when we were parents we were able to have our children go to church with us, but this is not something we are able to do as grandparents. If you have adult sons/daughters/in-laws who take your grandchildren to church - be very thankful. If you do not, then as they allow, you are able to hand down the faith to our grandchildren. But, while you may have adult children who let you hand down the faith to your grandchildren, you absolutely are not able to force them to believe.

Faith is something they each must make the choice for on a personal level. They are the ones who will believe - or not. Now, this does not mean as grandparents we are unable to do anything; not at all. As Cavin said, we are able to point the children we love to the truth and live a life which is guided by, and reflects the truth.

What we do speaks far louder than anything we say - not that we should take this as a reason not to tell them the truth. We do need to speak the truth every opportunity we are given, but without fail we must live, we must reflect, we must show the truth. This is our responsibility. We are not responsible to make our grandchildren believe - and are not able to do this. We must do what we are able to do - point them to the truth and live the truth.

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