Saturday, May 30, 2020


Remembering. It is essential for us as grandparents to remember what God wants us to do . . . He wants us to obey His Word, teach them to our children and grandchildren, so we will experience the blessing of walking with Him. If we do not remember, then how will the ones we love know how important it is to remember?

As we get older, we may find it more challenging to remember things, so today, right now, start a journal of the important things you want the ones you love to remember. Include in it the ways God has answered prayer in the past, the ways He has led you, and the times when you have known and felt His presence with you. Share the ways His Word has proven to be true in your life and share your favorite verses. Make copies of this book and give it to the ones you love - make a special celebration for remembering . . . plan to get together when you are able to do so and make it a great time of family and remembering.

If you show you remember, share what you remember, and why it is so important to remember, this will powerfully impact the ones you love; so, remember.

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