Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Best & Most Beautiful Things are Felt with the Heart

With the Stay-at-Home orders many of us are experiencing we may have found ourselves in a position where we needed to care for grandchildren, who would otherwise be in school, while their parents were at work. And with some of these order being lifted with Summer just around the corner, more of us may find we are now caring for our grandchildren. If this describes you, along with being able to spend time with your grandchildren, rejoice because apparently caring for them on a regular basis extends life! Joani Schultz sent me (Lynda) this study from Prevention Magazine
Grandchildren may contribute to longevity, says a recent study in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. Researchers found seniors who babysat their grandchildren on a regular basis had a 37% lower risk of dying during the 20-year study period than contemporaries who didn't have or didn't provide care for grandchildren. Experts credit the emotional lift and physical activity of caregiving, along with the sense of purpose it provides. It may also help keep seniors' brains active and alert.
Thank you Joani! Just More reasons to spend time with our grandchildren for sure!

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