Sunday, May 17, 2020

They are Not Insignificant

I am certain I am able to say your grandchildren are significant to you, just as mine are to me. This is something we especially want to be certain to communicate to them every opportunity we have to do so. 

More important than being certain they know how significant they are to us, is being certain they know how significant they are to God. He created them exactly as they are and He has a good purpose for them. 

With the changes covid-19 has brought to our lives, our older grandchildren may be feeling uncertain about their futures - what they will do, how they will make a difference, and they are likely missing their friends. This is a very important time for us to be available - even from a distance through tech - to listen to them, truly listen to the things they are saying. We need to empathize with them as they share the things they have lost and the ways they feel uncertain about their futures, but we also need to reassure them of how they are significant to us, to God, and how He has a plan for them. Talk about ways they are able to make a difference as they wait for things to move forward - consider the following ideas . . . 
  • Encourage them to become people who talk with God. Prayer is the most significant thing they will ever do for themselves and others.
  • Talk about how they are able to encourage teachers, neighbors, church leaders, parents, siblings, extended family, friends by emailing notes and connecting through tech.
  • If they live in a neighborhood where homes are close, consider sharing with them how people are arranging a variety of fun activities for families where they go on a bear hunt (each family puts a stuffed toy bear in a window, on a porch or somewhere others will see from the sidewalk/road and then everyone is able to walk/drive through the neighborhood "hunting" for bears.) Or, they could hold a neighborhood scavenger hunt - I heard on the news about how a neighborhood is doing this. Ask your neighbors to put an unique item - a garden troll, a pretty pot, a statue, something fun on their porch, in their yard - somewhere it is able to be viewed from the sidewalk or road and then let you know what item is at their home. Email the list of items to your neighbors (do not tell them where each item is, just a list of items and a list of participating homes) and families will be able to go out and search for the items on their list.
  • Plan a neighborhood concert - pick a song and time and invite neighbors to stand in front of their homes and sing together.
These are just a few ideas of ways to help our older grandchildren (or even younger grandchildren with our, or their parents, help) focus upon ways they are able to encourage others and feel like they are doing something significant. They are significant to us and to God - help them see this!

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