Thursday, May 21, 2020

Trust God to Make Us & Them Useful & Beautiful

Today I want to write for those of you who have a family member you love who with covid-19 feel lonely, cut off and have attempted suicide, and for families where they have succeeded.

Whether we, or someone we love, have felt alone and sad, and have despaired or not, we all have parts of our lives where we feel broken and confused at times - this time of staying away from others, may make these feelings stronger. Be sure to remind the ones you love of how much God loves them and how much you love them. Show your love in practical ways - 
  • Ask questions to find out how they are doing (especially with stay-at-home orders.)
  • Ask if the grandchildren might be able to spend extra time at your house to give their tired parents a break.
  • Connect with grandchildren who may be deeply missing their friends, school, church, and other activities.
  • Ask if it is okay for you to bring them a meal - or invite them over for something you know they will enjoy.
  • Ask for prayer requests and be certain to pray - then follow up to see how God is answering. 
  • And if they are not currently walking with God, be even more certain to show your love in practical ways.
Having to stay away from others may be very difficult for some of us. With the country opening up again, some of the people you love may be wanting to run right out and get together with people right away, and others may be afraid getting out increases their possibility of getting sick. Be ready to encourage them and make sure the ones you know are certain of your love, and how you are there for them.

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